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The Northwest Geological Society is a non-profit educational organization which provides a forum for information and discussion on Northwest geology and related topics. The Society sponsors talks by leading academic and professional geologists at its monthly meetings, conducts field trips to locales of regional geologic interest, and publishes meeting summaries and field guides based on those activities. Membership is open to anyone interested in regional geoscience issues, and includes professionals, teachers, students, and others who have an interest in this field.





  • New Meeting. AEG WA Section Dinner Meeting.  19 Marcy 2015. Dave McCormack (LEG, LHG, Senior Associated Engineering Geologist-Aspect Consulting) Emergency Stabilization of the Port Angeles Landfill. Click on the Calendar Link for more information (posted 3/2/15).
  • New Open House.  Cascades Volcano Observatory, 2 May 2015.  Click on the Calendar Link for more information. (posted 3/1/15).
  • New Book.   In the Path of Destruction: Eyewitness Chronicles of Mount Saint Helens.  Click on the Suggested Readings Link for more information. (posted 3/1/15).
  • New Meeting.  Puget Lobe Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute Meeting, 2 March 2015.  Eric Cheney (Emeritus Professor, Earth and Space Science, University of Washington) A Special Class of Calling Cards in the Puget Sound.  Click on the Calendar Link for more information (posted 3/1/15).
  • New Meeting.  NWGS Monthly Dinner Meeting, 10 March 2015.  Greg Wilson (University of Washington Biology and Burke Museum) Mammals Inherit the Earth: How the K/Pg Mass Extinction Killed Off Dinosaurs and Opened the Way for Mammals Click on the Calendar Link for more information (posted 3/1/15).
  • New Newsletter.  NWGS Monthly Newsletter is available.  Click on the Newsletter Link for more information (posted 2/19/15).
  • New Position. Civil/Geotechnical Engineer/Project Manager, Amec Foster Wheeler. Closes 11 April 2015.  Click on the Employment Link for more informaiton. (posted 2/12/15).
  • New Meeting. AEG WA Section Dinner Meeting.  25 February 2015. Ken Fergason (AMEC Environment & Infrastructue, Inc.) Someone is Paying Me to Do This!  The Geologic, Geohazard, and Geotechnical Field Investigation for the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Click on the Calendar Link for more information (posted 2/4/15).
  • New Reading.  Landslide mobility and hazards: implications of the 2014 Oso disaster.  Click on the Suggested Readings Link for more information (posted 2/1/15).
  • New Article.  Holocene earthquake and right-lateral slip on the left-lateral Darrington-Devils Mountain fault zone, northern Puget Sound, Washington.  Click on the Suggested Readings Link for more information (posted 12/31/14).
  • New Field Trips.  John Whitmer.  Investigating Thrust Faulting in the San Juan Islands (16-18 June 2015) and Desolation Sound Trip (1-12 August 2015).  Click on the Calendar Link for more information (posted 12/13/14).
  • Suggested Link.  Array of Arrays: Elusive ETS in Cascadia Subduction Zone.  Click on the Links Link for more information (12/30/14).
  • Page Update.  Essay added to About Page.  The History of the Pacific Northwest Geological Society.  Click on the About Link for more information.  (posted 12/30/14).
  • New Scholarship.  AWG Chrysalis Scholarship with women geology graduate students.  Applications due 31 March 2015.  Click on the Education Link for more information (posted 12/3/14).
  • Page Update.  The Field Trip Guides pages has been updated.  Click on the Field Trip Guides Link for more information (posted.12/3/14).
  • New Symposium.  Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Montana Minerals and Mining Symposium.  8-10 May 2015.  Call for proposals soon. Click on the Calendar Link for more information.  (posted 11/23/14).


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Bruce Stoker - Cadman Quarry On Treacherous Ground 2013 Fall Field Trip   Chiwaukum Schist Cheney and Map Darington Phyllite.    Near Ice Harbor Gap Palouse Falls

Bruce Stoker               On Treahcerous          2013 Fall Field Trip            Chiwaukum Schist   Eric Cheney                 Darrington Phyllite            Wallula Gap              Near Ice Harbour      Palouse Falls
Cadman Quarry           Ground                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dam